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Alezan by SK is a collection of fine, bespoke and individually handmade jewelry created by Dubai-based jewelry designer Salama Khalfan. Inspired by equestrian heritage and exquisite craftsmanship, each piece of Alezan jewelry takes for its muse a fearless woman with a sense of adventure and a love of culture.


Through her intricately set designs comprising a range of precious gemstones, Alezan marries the spirit of the horseback sport with a worldly sense of refinement resulting in timeless works of beauty to be treasured for a lifetime. Alezan by SK offers rare creations that are not dated and meant to last formany lifetimes to come.

The principle inspiration behind Salama’s collections is her majestic horse Penelope. Alezan, which means “chestnut” in French, refers to Penelope’s rich deep brown colored main. Salama, who become an international show jumper in adulthood, bought Penelope in 2009, after falling in love with her after her first ride. Penelope’s grace, strength, and elegance represents the kind of woman Salama envisions wearing her jewelry designs.




Through her superb skill and artistry, Salama endows each jewelry creation with characteristics enabling the wearer to do it in a personal way and experience its breathtaking movement. For those desiring a personalized jewelry object, upon special request Salama can apply her artistry and skill to the creation of specially made bespoke jewelry pieces. In line with Salama’s philosophy and vision, Alezan by SK offers rare creations that are not dated and meant to last for many lifetimes to come.


     Alezan is designed for the formidable woman who has a strong sense of self, one that possesses a deep rooted connection with the horse and all that it embodies: personal drive, ambition, passion, grace, beauty, and most of all, liberty.