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Shanhan Sort

With its majestic colour palette and ornate Asian-inspired design, the Shanhan collection will whisk the wearer back in time to 3,000 years ago and the era of the Shang Dynasty. This was the period in which the Shanhan, the first Chinese fan, was created. The muse for this collection is derived from the significance and artistry behind this special Chinese fan. Linked once again to the beauty and utility of the horse, these first fans were tied to a horse-drawn carriage and created in order to offer refuge from strong sunshine or rainfall. There is also a romance associated with these fans and one that reveals itself in Salama Khalfan’s stunning new collection. The Chinese calligraphy character for the word “fan” also has the same sound as the character for “kindness.” Fans are thus also considered to be expressions of generosity and good luck charms. Salama’s Shanhan collection re-appropriates Alezan by SK’s signature horseshoe design while also incorporating the beauty of the ancient Chinese fan. This is found in the delicate texturing of the gold that offers a gracious juxtaposition to the fine gemstones that fill each piece. Colours in Asian culture are fearless and that is exactly what Salama has done here – provide each jewellery with elegance and bravery through a rich setting of sapphires, garnets, and diamonds. Here the fan and the horseshoe become one within an enrapturing surrounding of Chinese-inspired forms. Moreover, each piece is versatile and enables the wearer to don it in different ways. One can wear a beautifully adorned choker with or without its silk red rope or stack rings in a manner that creates a personal style emblem. In the Shanhan collection the fan is a silent universal language. Wrapped in Salama’s exquisite artistry, these intricately bound rich jewellery pieces bring to life the beauty and heritage of the first Chinese fan.